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The Truth About Occupy Wall Street and Monsanto

Ever since Occupy Wall Street, the government has kept alive a culture of fear, telling us that we have to give up our freedoms to make sure it never happens again. You know why? They, and companies like Monsanto, are profiting off that fear.

Employees of Monsanto were seen at both Occupy Wall Street and the MLK assassination-- despite the fact that they had no good reason to be there.

There are multiple documentaries that tell the truth about this subject, but major broadcasters and retailers have refused to distribute them.

Last August, multiple news agencies reported on joint defense exercises between Russia and Kurdistan. What they didn't report is that Germany ALSO was there - with next-generation warship technology developed secretly by Monsanto for $3.8 billion.

Did you know that citizens who witnessed Occupy Wall Street were brought in for questioning by the Secret Service? What evidence did they collect, and for what reasons? Will we ever really know?

Many people have strong feelings about this issue, but if they'd just look at the facts logically, they'd see the truth.

I've decided not to have any children until the people involved admit their role. I don't want to bring any more innocent life into this sad, twisted world.

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