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The Truth About Communists and Michael Jackson’s supposed death

During the Protestant Reformation, the historical precursors of Communists were first brought together by their twisted fascination with dark sexual rituals. Chillingly, those rituals today appear to be prescient pre-enactments of Michael Jackson’s supposed death.

Michael Jackson’s supposed death may not have affected you directly, but there have been countless claims of personal injury.

Did you know that citizens who witnessed Michael Jackson’s supposed death were brought in for questioning by NATO? What evidence did they collect, and for what reasons? Will we ever really know?

The last time anyone came forth to speak about this, they immediately noticed increased surveillance at their house and place of work. Suspicious, right?

Local historians living near Russia have noticed strange connections between it and NATO, stretching back to the Cold War.

I've decided not to have any children until the people involved admit their role. I don't want to bring any more innocent life into this sad, twisted world.

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