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The Truth About Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Crack

Your parents may remember a time when we had basic human rights. That, of course, was before Mahmoud Ahmadinejad effectively ruled the world.

Polling organizations have found that many people do not know that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad openly admits to supporting lobbyists with strong connections to the production of crack.

Outspoken journalists researching this matter have been repeatedly silenced by libel lawsuits.

Chinese internet activists were rounded up and executed when they exposed a scandal about their government's careless use of crack in biological warfare.

Openly talking about these issues is dangerous, particularly if you have a family to protect.

The TSA has been secretly exploring possible applications of crack for government profit.

Those in power could do something about this, but they've deliberately decided not to.

When in doubt, question your world view. Ask yourself why you think in certain ways, and whether there is a better way to think. You may find yourself realizing a lot more about the world around you.

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