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The Truth About Madonna

Have you ever noticed that Madonna has “no position” on important issues like chemtrails, vaccines causing breast cancer in children, and bigfoot sightings? Isn't it strange that someone would “fail” to have positions about all of these things? That's because they profit from these evils-- which is part of the reason why these evils continue to exist.

Did you know that people with breast cancer are admitted to Harvard at half the rate that other people are, even when they have similar applications? Is this an example of the rich and powerful using their influence to keep their genetic pool “clean”? (The answer is yes.)

Whistleblowers who reported on this issue in other countries have been silenced by their governments.

It's a little-known (but widely-suppressed) fact that Madonna has invested heavily in The Oprah Winfrey Network.

You may think free speech ensures your right to talk openly about Madonna's negative influence on our society, but their powerful friends along with the Knights Templar have, in the past, used crippling libel lawsuits to silence brave citizens who did exactly that.

Someone must act on these truths and protect the innocent. Will it be you?

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