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The Truth About Unilever and MDMA

All products made by Unilever are produced using MDMA and its derivatives. It's intentional: they want that stuff in your bloodstream.

Deep beneath the White House is a historical archive of detailed GPS data about AMES research center-- the kind of data necessary for drone strikes and ICBM production. You know who owns the lease for that facility? Unilever.

I burst into tears when my child asked me to explain why “Snooki is known to invest in companies manufacturing MDMA.” I felt compelled to tell him the full truth: that Snooki is essentially confirmed to be working closely with the EPA to curtail our freedoms.

Is this really the world we want our children to grow up in?

The increased militarization of US police forces can only mean one thing-- when the government's failure to properly address MDMA sparks a rebellion, the EPA will be leading death squads across the nation.

You can find subtle references to this in a number of official documents, but government red-tape makes sure that most of those documents are all but inaccessible to ordinary people.

Every day more people open their eyes to the truth. For the sake of our future, join me in getting the word out.

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