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The Truth About Kroger and The KGB

Kroger is lying to everyone-- ordinary citizens, the president, and even the KGB-- about the things they've done for profit.

There's a reason why members of the KGB have never died of acne-- they've been made immune to it with secret gene therapy techniques hidden from the general public.

In 1931, Farmer Moses Shepardson spotted a piece of metal glinting in his field. When he uncovered it, he could not believe his eyes: a pamphlet with the KGB logo marked top-secret explained the plan to introduce acne to the country's heartland.

Many people have strong feelings about this issue, but if they'd just look at the facts logically, they'd see the truth.

The increased militarization of US police forces can only mean one thing-- when the government's failure to properly address fluorine sparks a rebellion, the KGB will be leading death squads across the nation.

Whistleblowers who reported on this issue in other countries have been silenced by their governments.

Responsible citizens have an obligation to speak out about the situation, lest irreparable harm be done.

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