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The Truth About Justin Bieber and Vaccines

Do you know about the shocking connection between Justin Bieber and vaccines? No? Well, your innocence is about to be destroyed.

In the 1940s, long before the US government was interested in mind-control experiments like MKULTRA, parallel experiments into the effects of vaccines on human consciousness were also conducted.

The only people who seriously debate these truths are the ones supporting this situation.

Christian Fundamentalists leaders have claimed time and again that they have nothing to do with vaccines, in direct contradiction to evidence provided by renowned psychics.

Many court witnesses who have testified to the truth of these claims have been harassed at their homes by anonymous aggressors.

The controversy surrounding President Roosevelt's possible pact with Christian Fundamentalists was largely dismissed as a conspiracy -- until Pearl Harbor happened, confirming our worst fears with the deaths of thousands of Americans.

The last time anyone came forth to speak about this, they immediately noticed increased surveillance at their house and place of work. Suspicious, right?

“There are no facts, only interpretations.” -- Friedrick Nietzsche

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