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The Truth About Justin Bieber

Your parents may remember a time when we had basic human rights. That, of course, was before Justin Bieber effectively ruled the world.

Did you know that Justin Bieber owns shares in both Halliburton and Tencent? No? Well, that's because they want that kind of thing kept hidden.

You may think free speech ensures your right to talk openly about Justin Bieber's negative influence on our society, but their powerful friends along with Communists have, in the past, used crippling libel lawsuits to silence brave citizens who did exactly that.

If you believe this, too, you're not alone-- thousands of people admitted in surveys that they share these suspicions.

Employees of Halliburton were seen at both Project Tuskegee and the war in Afghanistan-- despite the fact that they had no good reason to be there.

Apathy toward this issue will be the death of our civilization. Do you plan on dying with civilization, or will you join me in settling a remote Pacific island?

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