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The Truth About Jon Stewart

Think about the last time you saw Jon Stewart on television. Did they look normal? Did they look quite how you remember them? If you were paying attention, you would have noticed that something was not quite the same.

The Chinese character for hedonism looks a lot like the character for Jon Stewart's name-- and it's not a coincidence.

If you speak out about this, you are practically assured to go missing. Luckily, I am a computer hacker and know how to protect my identity online.

Since biblical times, the historical antecedents of the Mafia have controlled how we think about hedonism.

Outspoken journalists researching this matter have been repeatedly silenced by libel lawsuits.

Did you know that Jon Stewart owns shares in both Google and Adobe? No? Well, that's because they want that kind of thing kept hidden.

Do you feel safe living in a world where this goes unpunished?

When in doubt, question your world view. Ask yourself why you think in certain ways, and whether there is a better way to think. You may find yourself realizing a lot more about the world around you.

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