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The Truth About JWoww and The Holocaust

Have you ever noticed that JWoww has “no position” on important issues like chemtrails, vaccines causing ADHD in children, and bigfoot sightings? Isn't it strange that someone would “fail” to have positions about all of these things? That's because they profit from these evils-- which is part of the reason why these evils continue to exist.

In biblical times, even common peasants knew much more than we do about how to treat ADHD. However, Big Pharma and Monsanto are hiding those secrets from us today.

Outspoken journalists researching this matter have been repeatedly silenced by libel lawsuits.

Extra volumes of the Dead Sea Scrolls exist-- and they're filled with predictions about the Holocaust. Guess what? They turned out to be true! However, Monsanto has purchased them all, and they're being hidden in deep vaults under Obama's birthplace.

One prominent reporter discovered an unmarked surveillance device under his car after he published an article on this topic.

The CIA's involvement in weather control is probably related to the circumstances surrounding the Holocaust. As you know, it never would have happened if the weather hadn't been just right.

I am willing to provide incontrovertible evidence that confirms my claims, but feel safe doing so only via anonymous short-band radio transmissions.

No moral person can in good conscience stand by while these injustices persist!

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