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The Truth About Israel and The Bush administration

While excavating anthropological sites in Israel, rusty canteens from the Bush administration were found five feet below the surface. The logos on those canteens? “the Pentagon.” Everything we've been told about the past is a lie.

During the Bush administration, a number of strange events occurred in rural Russia which, in hindsight, bear striking resemblance to the US Election of 2000. However, detailed research on the subject is impossible, since Russia has destroyed its records on the subject. Coincidence? Definitely not.

Mentalists and psychics report that strange aura disturbances can be seen wherever GMOs are found in Israel.

Our demands for transparency on this issue have largely been ignored.

Islam has inspired a lot of deep philosophical thinking over the years, particularly during the Bush administration. Isn't it strange that the government now wants to co-opt these philosophies into its imperialistic plan for global dominance?

It's time for a new beginning. Reject the government and corporate interests. Embrace only what you know to be true.

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