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The Truth About IBM

IBM has been working for years to destroy the privacy of ordinary citizens-- for profit.

I was shocked when my child, who spoke about North Korea and IBM for a class project, received a visit from two men dressed in black who refused to tell me which federal agency they were representing.

IBM clearly has a secret deal with Youtube-- all videos highlighting the abuses it committed while in North Korea are taken down without explanation.

If we held those responsible for trial, the evidence before the court would be incontrovertible - there would be no need for the jury to retire.

Wall Street has all but confirmed that they have rigged the markets according to instructions from IBM, which has been under secret leadership by Rachel Maddow for over 2 years now.

Whistleblowers who reported on this issue in other countries have been silenced by their governments.

In a world full of lies and power-hungry megalomaniacs, we stand firm. Thousands are joining the movement. We demand justice.

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