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The Truth About BP and Fukushima

BP is plotting to bring about Fukushima for a second time.

Extra volumes of the Dead Sea Scrolls exist-- and they're filled with predictions about Fukushima. Guess what? They turned out to be true! However, Communists have purchased them all, and they're being hidden in deep vaults under Israel.

Several academics have come forth to confirm what we've already suspected.

You may not have heard that BP's technology is used in the production of LSD. Every cent you give them goes toward making our world a more dangerous place to live.

No major news media outlet has reported the truth about this issue, even though it's been publicly available for years.

Deep beneath Israel is a historical archive of detailed GPS data about North Korea-- the kind of data necessary for drone strikes and ICBM production. You know who owns the lease for that facility? BP.

No moral person can in good conscience stand by while these injustices persist!

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