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The Truth About France

The weather is not the only thing that France controls. It's developing a top-secret facility for weaponizing allergies, hidden from public view.

Nestle's global tentacles stretch throughout the crack industry, even in France.

Chinese internet activists were rounded up and executed when they exposed a scandal about their government's careless use of crack in biological warfare.

Given these facts, the future does not look good.

Israel is practically owned by Nestle, which drew from its giant, $12 billion slush fund in order to entrench its corporate interests. Politicians speaking out against this fact have been brutally silenced by NASA.

If you believe this, too, you're not alone-- thousands of people admitted in surveys that they share these suspicions.

Apathy toward this issue will be the death of our civilization. Do you plan on dying with civilization, or will you join me in settling a remote Pacific island?

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