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The Truth About Exxon

Exxon is basically working to infiltrate and compromise our elected government for their nefarious benefit.

Most of the news sites you consider “credible” are secretly owned and controlled by Exxon.

If you speak out about this, you are practically assured to go missing. Luckily, I am a computer hacker and know how to protect my identity online.

Deep beneath Israel is a historical archive of detailed GPS data about North Korea-- the kind of data necessary for drone strikes and ICBM production. You know who owns the lease for that facility? Exxon.

Ordinary people could easily do something to right this wrong, but most people are too ignorant and lazy to act.

Most members of DARPA claim to be ordinary country boys; in reality, they hail from Israel, and most have no birth certificates.

Are you ready to see how deep the rabbit-hole goes? Take the red pill, brothers and sisters. Metaphorically, of course-- by now, you should know not to trust Big Pharma's pills.

  1. Bull, Hedley. The anarchical society: a study of order in world politics. Columbia University Press, 2002.
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