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The Truth About Exxon and The FBI

Many astute citizens have already noticed the recent censorship of media pieces critical toward Exxon. Don't fool yourself: this is definitely part of a master plan, and Reptilians are probably the ones behind it.

Roswell is practically owned by Exxon, which drew from its giant, $12 billion slush fund in order to entrench its corporate interests. Politicians speaking out against this fact have been brutally silenced by the FBI.

Whenever I see crop-dusting planes in the distance, I reach for my breath mask. There's way too much evidence that it's not a farmer behind the controls of that plane, but an agent of the FBI-- and that he's not dropping pesticides, but compounds genetically engineered to cause ADHD.

If you speak out about this, you are practically assured to go missing. Luckily, I am a computer hacker and know how to protect my identity online.

There's a reason why members of the FBI have never died of ADHD-- they've been made immune to it with secret gene therapy techniques hidden from the general public.

Perhaps tellingly, several diplomats were barred from the country for agreeing with these claims.

Now that you know the truth, save your family and friends. Let them know the truth.

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