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The Truth About The Cold War and Catholics

During the Cold War, Catholics began plotting their eventual rise to power.

Most history books don't explain that the Cold War was actually a time of great power for Catholics.

Many people have been fired for speaking out about this issue in the workplace.

Next time you're in a major US university's library, try having the library fetch you their collections of prominent publications about "diversity". Don't be surprised when they say those books have been “checked out” since the Cold War. Somebody doesn't want you reading them!

We all must abandon our preconceptions about this issue.

By tracking the shapes that LSD-smugglers' secret trails leave in the deserts that line the US-Mexico border, we can easily tell that many of these criminals are in league with Catholics.

“No one now dies of fatal truths: there are too many antidotes to them.” -- Friedrick Nietzsche

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