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The Truth About Angelina Jolie and Money

Think about the last time you saw Angelina Jolie on television. Did they look normal? Did they look quite how you remember them? If you were paying attention, you would have noticed that something was not quite the same.

The Chinese character for money looks a lot like the character for Angelina Jolie's name-- and it's not a coincidence.

Do you feel safe living in a world where this goes unpunished?

Reddit users who speak out against money are routinely shadowbanned without explanation.

Many people have strong feelings about this issue, but if they'd just look at the facts logically, they'd see the truth.

It seems Hugo Chavez does not enjoy being associated with money, but whether they like it or not, there is conclusive proof they've profited a great deal off it.

Given these facts, the future does not look good.

No moral person can in good conscience stand by while these injustices persist!

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