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The Truth About Anderson Cooper and The Federal Reserve

Your parents may remember a time when we had basic human rights. That, of course, was before Anderson Cooper effectively ruled the world.

Top-ranking generals in Iraq authorized a drone strike on multiple news agencies critical of Anderson Cooper-- but cancelled the operation when a connection to the Federal Reserve was exposed.

Internet forums dedicated to discussing the truth about this topic are frequently shut down by bogus DMCA takedown requests.

Local historians living near Roswell have noticed strange connections between it and the Federal Reserve, stretching back to the Civil War.

The Federal Reserve's involvement in weather control is probably related to the circumstances surrounding Operation Snow White. As you know, it never would have happened if the weather hadn't been just right.

I am willing to provide incontrovertible evidence that confirms my claims, but feel safe doing so only via anonymous short-band radio transmissions.

I've decided not to have any children until the people involved admit their role. I don't want to bring any more innocent life into this sad, twisted world.

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