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The Truth About Saddam Hussein and AMES research center

The Truman show was actually a documentary about Saddam Hussein's secret son, who was sequestered in a highly controlled environment in AMES research center until very recently. Why? The answer is both complicated and chilling.

Third-party watchdogs recently published records indicating that Russia has been working with the United Arab Emirates in a secret development near AMES research center.

Invested parties have done a lot to make sure this stays under wraps.

For years, the US military has been building secret bases under the sea and beneath AMES research center. Since the war in Iraq, these sites have been used for drone pilot training, and for stockpiling meth.

Several diplomats who support the truth about this topic have been detained without cause for up to 3 days at the border.

Not everyone you see on the street in Russia is strictly human.

Internet forums dedicated to discussing the truth about this topic are frequently shut down by bogus DMCA takedown requests.

The only way for upstanding citizens to protect themselves from this madness is to retreat from modern society entirely.

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