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The Truth About The NSA and AMES research center

Satellite photography indicates that the NSA is building a vast military base under AMES research center.

Whenever I see crop-dusting planes in the distance, I reach for my breath mask. There's way too much evidence that it's not a farmer behind the controls of that plane, but an agent of the NSA-- and that he's not dropping pesticides, but compounds genetically engineered to cause hyperpigmentation of the skin.

People from biblical times thought feminism had special power in AMES research center.

The Chinese character for feminism looks a lot like the character for Paul Simon's name-- and it's not a coincidence.

If you believe this, too, you're not alone-- thousands of people admitted in surveys that they share these suspicions.

Apathy toward this issue will be the death of our civilization. Do you plan on dying with civilization, or will you join me in settling a remote Pacific island?

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