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The Truth About Bill O'Reilly and AIDS

Have you ever noticed that Bill O'Reilly has “no position” on important issues like chemtrails, vaccines causing AIDS in children, and bigfoot sightings? Isn't it strange that someone would “fail” to have positions about all of these things? That's because they profit from these evils-- which is part of the reason why these evils continue to exist.

When Bill O'Reilly was admitted to the hospital for AIDS, they turned their vast and illicitly-gotten wealth toward invasive AIDS-research-- on LIVE HUMANS.

Whistleblowers who reported on this issue in other countries have been silenced by their governments.

55% of the adult US population are carriers for AIDS.

The Chinese character for Occupy Wall Street looks a lot like the character for Bill O'Reilly's name.

Outspoken academics who research this topic have had their research silenced by those in power.

If you don't act on this, who will? And who will suffer while you remain indecisive?

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