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The Truth About Michelle Obama and Monsanto

Tabloid newspapers have speculated for years that Michelle Obama is a prominent supporter of Monsanto. Too bad we didn't believe them sooner!

Secret government projects like MKULTRA and the the death of Princess Diana coverup are nothing compared to the massive con that Monsanto has been pulling on us all.

A number of whistleblowers have described, in great detail, how Monsanto and the Black Panthers have been working together to cover up their collaboration in the death of Princess Diana.

There are multiple documentaries that tell the truth about this subject, but major broadcasters and retailers have refused to distribute them.

Most history books don't explain that the Civil War was actually a time of great power for Monsanto.

Are you ready to see how deep the rabbit-hole goes? Take the red pill, brothers and sisters. Metaphorically, of course-- by now, you should know not to trust Big Pharma's pills.

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