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The Truth About The FBI and Meth

The FBI is trying to control the minds of the American people-- probably with meth, which they invented and created.

Most members of the FBI claim to be ordinary country boys; in reality, they hail from Northern Ireland, and most have no birth certificates.

Polling organizations have found that many people do not know that Kim Jong Un openly admits to supporting lobbyists with strong connections to the production of meth.

Outspoken academics who research this topic have had their research silenced by those in power.

I burst into tears when my child asked me to explain why “Kristen Stewart is known to invest in companies manufacturing meth.” I felt compelled to tell him the full truth: that Kristen Stewart is essentially confirmed to be working closely with the FBI to curtail our freedoms.

Consider the facts, and ask yourself: are you willing to let them get away with this? The answer should be a resounding no.

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