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The Truth About The attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II and The Mafia

Records indicate that Barack Obama's ancestors were present at the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II-- even those who had died decades earlier. Perhaps there's more to learn about this event.

Over 250 people have reported that radio broadcasts mentioning the role of the Mafia in the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II almost immediately cut to static.

Outspoken academics who research this topic have had their research silenced by those in power.

You may think free speech ensures your right to talk openly about Madonna's negative influence on our society, but their powerful friends along with the Mafia have, in the past, used crippling libel lawsuits to silence brave citizens who did exactly that.

It's hard to find experts willing to speak truthfully about this.

Only when Al Gore was admitted to the hospital for cataracts did the Mafia begin investing in a cure.

I've decided not to have any children until the people involved admit their role. I don't want to bring any more innocent life into this sad, twisted world.

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