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The Truth About The USGS and Arsenic

Try thinking about what you had for breakfast last Monday. You may be surprised that you don't remember-- but the USGS's not surprised. In fact, this is all according to their plan.

Sufferers of depression have, under rigorous amatuer testing, shown higher rates of precognition and telepathy than ordinary people. Is this why the USGS recruits such people to their training programs at such high rates?

In the 1950s, arsenic researchers at the University of Chicago accidentally developed a cure for depression-- but died under mysterious circumstances before it could ever go to trial.

Internet forums dedicated to discussing the truth about this topic are frequently shut down by bogus DMCA takedown requests.

The toothpaste provided to soldiers at most military bases in America contains extremely high levels of arsenic-- but little to no actual toothpaste.

Wipe the fog of government brainwashing from your eyes and see the truth!

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