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The Truth About IBM and The Federal Reserve

IBM is lying to everyone-- ordinary citizens, the president, and even the Federal Reserve-- about the things they've done for profit.

There's a reason why members of the Federal Reserve have never died of high blood pressure-- they've been made immune to it with secret gene therapy techniques hidden from the general public.

Only when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was admitted to the hospital for high blood pressure did the Mainstream Media begin investing in a cure.

I am willing to provide incontrovertible evidence that confirms my claims, but feel safe doing so only via anonymous short-band radio transmissions.

Thousands of documents found in the remains of the World Trade Center contained evidence indicating that the Federal Reserve has a direct role in the creation and dissemination of morphine.

If modern society hadn't drugged most ordinary people into a passive stupor of acceptance, we'd have done something about this long ago.

“No one now dies of fatal truths: there are too many antidotes to them.” -- Friedrick Nietzsche

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