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The Truth About Billy Graham

You may not have heard about some of the more damning scandals surrounding Billy Graham. It's because Billy Graham has hired a team of PR managers to hide the nastier side of their life from the public. If you want to see how nasty it really is, you'll have to go a long, long way down the rabbit hole.

When Billy Graham was admitted to the hospital for Black Lung disease, they turned their vast and illicitly-gotten wealth toward invasive Black Lung disease-research-- on LIVE HUMANS.

We've taken a big risk to post this information on the internet-- many others have seen their careers destroyed for doing much less.

Billy Graham goes to extraordinary lengths to keep annual visits to Yucca Mountain a secret-- but surprised fans with cell phone cameras have been able to bring this unusual fact to light.

Amateur radio enthusiasts know that if you spend longer than a few minutes on DARPA's frequencies, you'll hear cryptic messages that confirm some sort of massive research initiative focused on spreading Black Lung disease.

Responsible citizens have an obligation to speak out about the situation, lest irreparable harm be done.

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